I assembled this all on a 5cm x 3cm protoboard

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Cambridge United signing Reggie Lambe holds off New York Red Bull’s Tim Cahill during his Toronto days Picture: Jim McIsaac/Getty ImagesGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThe forward moves to the Abbey Stadium following his release from League Two Rivals Carlisle United, who he played for 80 times over a two year stint, scoring 14 goals in the process.His move to Joe Dunne’s team sees him return to the East of England after he started his career at Portman Road, progressing through the youth ranks at Ipswich Town and making two first team appearances.From there he moved to MLS side Toronto FC in 2012, raking up more than 50 appearances and finding the net twice. A brief spell with Swedish side Nyk BIS followed in 2014, before he returned to English shores before the start of the 2014/15 campaign, signing for Mansfield Town.After 10 goals in 60 games in his two years in the East Midlands, Lambe, 27, moved north to Carlisle, where he played alongside current U’s striker Jabo Ibehre.Reggie Lambe after scoring his first goal for Toronto. Picture: Abelimages/Getty ImagesHe becomes the U’s fourth addition of the summer alongside Louis John, George Taft and Barry Corr after Dunne said he wanted a ‘dynamic forward’.And Lambe, who has 28 caps and six goals for his country said he was ‘delighted’ to agree terms with the club.”I am absolutely delighted to finally put pen to paper at Cambridge United.

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All pickups and drop offs will take place on West Street

6/10: It’s hard to grade too tough on a Friday! Sure, it’s muggy, but NOT hot. Shower and storm chances increase with time. An incoming cold front is pumping warmth and mugginess ahead of itself today, but downpours could hinder commutes home this afternoon and evening as it moves through our region.

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The great Canadian reading list: 150 books to read for Canada 150 It is Bombay in 1971, the year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh. A hard working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family man who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. His young daughter falls ill; his promising son defies his father’s ambitions for him.

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There is increasing demand optical transceivers as

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According to Weinzweig, “The parking is still bad, the

But man I so wanted to chime in on the Nguyen discussion. As a boring white guy married into a Vietnamese family, I can tell you that it neither pronounced like “win” nor “new yen” though it is kind of halfway between both. The guy who said “they were just being nice” is spot on..

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