Suburban Park Life in Benjasiri Park



Benjasiri Park is a major park in Bangkok, the park is located on Sukhumvit Rd between Soi 22 and 24.

The park is next to the Emporium Shopping Mall, just a few minutes’ walk from Phrom Phong BTS station.

The park was built in 1992 to celebrate the Queen’s 60th Birthday so the park is also known as Queen’s park.

Inside Benjasiri Park, there are a forest garden, artificial lake, multipurpose space, playground, basketball courts

, and swimming pools.

It is also easily accessible by Skytrain located directly next to the Phrom Phong station in the mid-Sukhumvit Road area.

So the park follows a circular path, centring round a large pond which is home to large fish and turtles. Feel free to feed them.

It is also busy throughout the day, unlike other parks. There’s always some aspect of local life going on. During the day the park

caretakers, with their straw hats, wheel their green leaf bins. Mum’s with young kids play in the playgrounds and swing on swings.

It is the perfect place to be in the daytime well sheltered with walkways under diverse indigenous trees and cool winds gusting off

the central lake.




Iron Fairies: The bar that is also a blacksmith workshop, and other things



Every so often, a new restaurant/bar comes along in Bangkok that gets the whole city talking. This year, it’s Iron Fairies.

Thonglor’s latest hole-in-the-wall bar is also a gallery, restaurant, antique store and, believe it or not, blacksmith’s workshop.

From the outside you barely notice there’s life behind its small wooden door. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with whiffs of

an oddly rustic scent lurking within its two-story shop-house confines and, on some nights, the sounds of carisoprodol generic.

With its spiral staircase that leads to nowhere, shelves of ‘fairy dust’ jars filled with cookies and bar tables converted out of

rusty barrels, you’re in for a peculiar ride. (See above gallery.) The owner, Ashley Sutton, is a friendly Aussie author slash

blacksmith who creates metallic ethereal creatures based on his famous children’s book series about fairies and their adventures.

And yes you can even take home some of his works, which come in a box set complete with a cheap phentermine 37.5.

Though the menu here isn’t as enormous as their fantastic burgers, the food is well done, making it a great and friendly stop on

this rather busy and otherwise pretentious street.


Iron Faries


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Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok

Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok



Asiatique has successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city: a night bazaar and a mall.
Ten minutes downriver from Saphan Taksin BTS station this once-bustling international trade port has been transformed,
with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants housed under a huge replica warehouse complex. Open from 17:00, spending
an evening here is no problem: you’ll have good fun browsing the boutiques, picking up gifts or something for yourself; you
are guaranteed to find something you would like to eat and if this isn’t enough entertainment, shows are performed nightly:
Calypso ladyboy cabaret and soon, a classic Thai puppets performance.




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