Bang Kachao the lungs of Bangkok



Bang Kachao


Bang Kachao is located in Samut Prakan Province, which lies adjacent to Bangkok to the south, in Phra Pradaeng
District. Most of the area is currently being used for agriculture. Bang Kachao covers six subdistricts (tambon):
Bang Namphueng, Bang Kachao, Bang Yo, Bang Krasop, Bang Ko Bua, and Song Khanong. This place is famous
for Thai people and foreign travelers who are nature lovers and cyclists.

The lungs of Bangkok

Bang Kachao is an ecosystem area that the Chao Phraya River wraps around. The area is also known as “the lungs
of Bangkok” because of the shape of the place, but perhaps because it is a place with no commercial businesses, so
it produces fresh air. Bang Kachao was voted and named as one of “the best urban oasis” by Time magazine in 2006.

Bang Kachao is a vast green area of orchards, gardens, and forest to relax and recharge. There are so many things to
do and see in the attractive places in Bang Kachao, such as biking, eating various kinds of food, and seeing the beauty
of the environment. This is a place that people can escape from messy cities without having to go far and can spend their time with nature.

Attractive places
There are many attractive features in this place. The first place is a Thai floating market called the Bang Nampueng floating market.
The market has various kinds of local food. Most of them are very traditional and delicious. Next, Sri Nakhon Khuankhan Park is
where everyone explores nature. This park has tropical trees and flowers, large pond, and walking and cycling paths. The highlight
of the park is the bird watching tower. In Bang Kachao, there is a hotel named Bangkok Tree House. The designing and concept of
the hotel is eco-intelligence. Everything in this hotel is organic, and the power is produced by wind and solar energy.




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