Bangkok is cheapest place in Southeast Asia that people actually want to visit

Bangkok is cheapest place in Southeast Asia


According to research from TripAdvisor, Bangkok is the most budget-friendly place to spend a week-long
vacation during the high season, which is now through the end of February.

Yesterday, the travel site named Bangkok as both inexpensive and desirable to travelers already living in
Southeast Asia. The company took into account round-trip airfare from within the region, seven nights of
hotel costs, meals three times daily and visiting some of the major attractions.

Of their top ten destinations, Bangkok came in at the lowest cost at just THB43,451 for the trip per person.
Costwise, from second-cheapest to most expensive were: Cebu Island (Philippines) at THB45,868; Luzon
(Philippines) at THB46,197; Boracay (Philippines) at THB52,352; Bali at THB48,957; Phuket at THB49,861;
Singapore at THB59,661; Seoul at THB66,773, Hong Kong at THB66,482; and Tokyo at THB70,431.

In terms of desirability, or where people wanted to travel to the most, the list looked like this, from most
desirable to least: Bali, Luzon, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Boracay, Phuket, Cebu Island and
Seoul, reported Bangkok Post.

The study also revealed the cheapest week during high season to travel to each place. For Bangkok, it was
the week of January 16, when travelers could save an average of THB1,268 per person.

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