Ton Rak Thai Massage and Spa located on Soi Thonglor 55



Ton Rak Thai Massage and Spa located on Soi Thonglor 55, walking distance of Play Haus Thonglor.

It promises to redefine your relaxation within the wonderful complex of Gold Teak House, a tradional Thai style house.
It offers Thai Massage, Aroma Oil Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage, and a variety of spa treatments with private Jacuzzi and steam room.

Type of Massage


Traditional Thai Massage – involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is performed on firm mattress on the floor. No oils are used in Thai massage but some balm can be applied on tension area.


Swedish Massage – using massage oil and long flowing strokes. It is also the basis for many specialty styles of massage, such as deep tissue, sports, pregnancy and medical.
This type similar to minced muscle and tendons of the body weight moderately. It relieves tight muscles and tendons and pain in that area.


Aroma Massage – using massage oil that contains natural oil and drop of essential oils. It is combined with specific massage techniques that create the aesthetic emotion to help stimulate blood circulation and reduce tensions.
The massage oil also gives skin softness and moisture.


Reflexology Massage (Foot Massage) – massage on both feet and legs. It can stimulate blood flow and working system to the whole body. It is create relaxation and tension on feet.




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